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Channeling From The Holy Spirit of God and The Arc Angels

  • Greetings Beloved,

    Thank you for your visit to this site. May you find here help, healing, inspiration, encouragement, whatever it is you need to fulfill yourself and your purpose on earth.

    It is so very important for you to receive Light from your Creator's Heart every day. You receive this Light through the chakra's of your body. We will give you very powerful and helpful ways to focus your mind so that you are able to receive the maximum amount of Light. The Light that is just perfect for you to bring you peace, balance and joy. Light which opens you to accept the peace and joy you are always deserving of receiving.

    We would like you to begin first of all by receiving this prayer and we would love for you to work with it and analyze it once you open to it. “I always deserve to receive everything, all the gifts of God. Every gift, every blessing, every manifestation of God's Grace. It is impossible for me to ever be undeserving. No matter what I say, do, think, feel, believe or experience - I always deserve to receive everything, all the gifts of God, every gift, every blessing, every manifestation of God's Grace. It is impossible for me to ever be undeserving, no matter what I have said, done, thought, felt, believed or experienced. I always deserve to receive everything, all the gifts of God. Every gift, every blessing, every manifestation of God's Grace.”

    Unconditional Deservingness. “Opening to this prayer, focusing on it will open you to taking in my Light” says the Spirit of God to you. “Taking in My Light as completely and thoroughly as you can each day in meditation. Yes, beloved one, you are innocent, not guilty and you always deserve to receive love.

    Yes, take in my Light through each chakra of your body. Listen to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perceptions and ask for whatever transformation of your thoughts feelings beliefs and perceptions you may need. Thank you God.”



    Hello Everyone,

    That message came to you from The Holy Spirit of God and the Arc Angelic Realms. I am Rev. Daniel Neusom and I have served as a channel of God for the last twenty five years.

    I will allow Spirit to work through my channel to reach you and serve you in whatever way you can be served through my channel at this site.
    I am an interfaith minister and am one of the founders and Spiritual Directors of The Sacred Light an Interfaith Metaphysical Fellowship. For information about The Sacred Light Fellowship, please visit our website at www.sacredlightfellowship.org

    You may also visit my website at www.danielneusom.com
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    I have channeled two books "On Earth as It Is in Heaven" and "You Are Here On The Earth To Enjoy Everything-The New Teachings of God" You can click below to take a look!
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    I am available for private sessions both in person and over the phone. If you feel guided to explore working in private session with me, please email me. My email address is danielneusom@yahoo.com.

    Blessings and enjoy Daily Lift

Online Daily Message

Beloved of God I am Raphael of God who communicates with you now through this channel. You are so loved!! When you are in human form on earth you do not really know or feel how deeply loved you are by us. You are literally held always in the Hands and Heart of God. What we are doing on earth with humanity is bringing through powerful Healing Rays of Light to dissolve the walls of defense you've erected against receiving Love. Everything is energy and consciousness. Self-judgment and guilt create literal energetic walls of consciousness through which love cannot penetrate easily. I will speak to you now of the mind. Having a mental understanding of your innocence is the first step. A mental understanding makes the psychic matter of the wall softer which allows you to feel a "bit" of God's love for you. Emotional release - strong emotional release while the Light of God is coming into you really dissolves layers of the wall of defense. These walls have been created over eons of "time" so they do not and often cannot dissolve all at once. "The more the wall of guilt and self-judgment dissolves, the more you are able to feel the presence of My Love for you" says The Spirit of God. I will stop this teaching now and I guide you to meditate on it. We will teach you directly through your own channel and give you insight as you continue to live. Be now in the will and openness to enjoy this day!!


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