Online Daily Message

There are times on this path where all of your “issues” seem to come up at once.
This can be a time of tremendous breakthrough! It is a time that temporarily does not feel good. During these periods you will need to spend more focused time with me. I may need to reach you and work with you by using other human beings as channels to reach you. Reach out for any help you may need. I am guiding you and will always guide you if that is what you desire.
You see, I never interfere with your experience of yourself unless you extend the invitation. Let us join now if you choose. Please have the thought “God, I let you in”Receive Me now through the seven major chakras of your body. Look with Me at all of your life’s inner and outer manifestations.
Look at anything you have been experiencing that you have not been enjoying and ask for My guidance. Call for the transformation in consciousness energy and patterning that you desire. Do this with Me in your life. Until your joy is complete.



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