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Greetings Beloved One!
Go forth and enjoy this day !
When your brother whom you know as Jesus encouraged you to ask Me to give you on this day, your Daily Bread, He was speaking of The Creative Life Force. You receive this This Light, This Power, through the chakras of your body and with This Light, This Power, you create your life in manifestation, you create your life on earth. It flows through your consciousness and patterning and manifests as your personal, creative energy. Thank you, God. You have had free will since emerging from My being and your experiences and thoughts feelings and beliefs have created your personal patterning. I have created you for the purpose of total joy happiness and complete fulfillment. If you ask Me, if you invite Me I help you to undo the consciousness, energy and patterning within you that creates your pain, suffering, struggle and lack.
This is why your brother Jesus came to earth, to help you accept the new life I am sending to you in every moment of now.Today, breathe in this intention through the seven major chakras of your body and feel and see the life your Heart desires.”I accept the new life God is sending to me in this moment of now and in every moment of now”



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